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  • New boutique with new inspiration.

    Most recently, the famous jewelry brand RENEE celebrated the re-launch of its newly decorated flagship boutique in Wafi Mall on September 1, 2014.

    RENEE opened its first store in 2002 at the Zahra complex, located in Ras Salmia, Kuwait and strengthened with many boutique partners in all the regions of the Persian Gulf. Since its launch in Wafi Mall, RENEE is the flagship boutique with the second registered boutique. Today, with pride, we can distribute beautiful collections between 114 square meters, the new boutique is decorated in a luxurious cozy atmosphere, offering our customers a new and refined look and which will give us an excellent feel while preserving the true essence with the handwriting characteristics of the brand.

    The talented RENEE team, hand in hand with their highly qualified sales staff, is eagerly looking forward to expanding its impressive hospitality and five-star service, and providing a highly professional personal service for the most exquisite purchases and their valued customers.

    Diamonds - Undoubtedly the best friend of a woman, perhaps because there is an unspoken, subtle intimacy between a woman and her Diamond. Every woman wants to, at some point in time in her life, she became the owner of a natural miracle. Diamante is something that has a huge sentimental value for everyone. "All that you choose should be cool, and what could be better than Diamant to pay tribute to these precious relics," says Miss Universe, Susmita Senator

    Official grand opening will take place on November 25, 2014, where unique jewelry pieces from the latest RENEE collection will be presented.

    RENEE, Renee franchisee in Dubai and Kuwait, there is also a wide variety of jewels with rubies, emeralds, except diamonds and jewelry from past collections, collections with sapphires are also presented. Classical craftsmanship, exclusivity - without replicating the designs, exclusive and complex work of jewelers, makes each piece of jewelry valuable to the owner and truly precious, like a royal heritage that is passed on from generation to generation.