For the most important day of your life, let the glitter of diamonds do the honours. From our signature styles that are the essence of RENEÉ to bespoke sets designed to your precise requests,  our collection of the most dazzling jewels are the answer to every girl’s wedding dreams.

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Only the purest of diamonds shine of commitment. RENÉE engagement rings collection is the epitome of an eternal vow, brought to light with an array of timeless cuts – Round, Princess, Heart, Emerald, Pear, Oval, Trillion and Marquise – that set free the spirit of the gem..

Yellow Diamonds

A yellow diamond is a rarity, holding within itself a delicate fire that inspires and captivates. With handpicked yellow diamonds, RENÉE celebrates nature’s defiant spirit with statement pieces that are as dramatic and intense as the lady they adorn.



From the seductively dark Pearls produced by the black lipped oysters found off the coasts of Tahiti and Okinawa to the timeless elegance of white and golden South Sea Health Care Tips Pearls, the RENÉE collection features these invaluable treasures of the sea set to the brilliance of the clearest diamonds.



Colours of Life

This RENÉE selection of cocktail rings and statement pieces is fresh, bold and beaming with the radiance of eye catching precious coloured gemstones.  Set to feminine designs with delicate diamonds halos, 


Diamonds that meet the highest standards of clarity, colour and cut are joy forever, meant to be loved and preserved for the next generation. Set to enduring Health Care Tips designs, the fabulous jewels in the RENÉE heirloom collection are as eternal as the diamonds that make them 

Contemporary Cluster

Every piece in this RENÉE collection, a modern reinterpreted of the ever-loved cluster setting, features an exquisite, arresting focal diamond adorned by a band of smaller, twinkling diamonds. The jewels are effortless style personified, perfect for everyday wear.



The depth of the clearest Emeralds set against the fire of fine diamonds is one of the cornerstones of the Renee Jewellers that have stood the test of trends and passing fashion. Rightly so, the iconic statement pieces in this RENÉE collection are exuberant, vivid and yet timeless.


Rose Eternal

One of the original diamond cuts in bequest and historic jewellery, the Rose Cut dates to the 1500s. Cut to resemble a rose bud, these antiquated flat bottomed diamonds are set in one-of-a-kind designs, unique that can be found only at RENÉE.


Bangles & Bracelets

Our dazzling array of bangles and bracelets are feature handpicked diamonds, pearls and other precious stones set to contemporary and classical styles. From a statement cuff to the classic tennis bracelet, these RENÉE pieces are quite simple, happiness on your wrist.